VooPoo UForce Extension Replacement Adapter


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VooPoo Uforce Extension Glass Connector

Enhance the performance of your VooPoo setup with the Uforce Extension Glass Connector. This component allows you to easily fit VooPoo’s Uforce tank series with either the 5.5ml or 8ml extension glass. Specifically designed for use with the Uforce, Uforce T1, and Uforce T2 tanks.



  • Compatible with VooPoo’s Uforce tank series
  • Can be used with 8ml extension glass



  • Instantly enhances the performance of your VooPoo setup
  • Designed for Uforce, Uforce T1, and Uforce T2 tanks
  • Allows for easy fitting of extension glass



  • 1 x Voopoo Uforce Connector Adapter



  • Q: How many Glass Connectors are needed for the Uforce T2 tank with the 8ml extension glass?
    A: The Uforce T2 tank will require 2 x Glass Connectors to use the 8ml extension glass.


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