E-cigarette FAQs

Why does my vapor oil have no taste in my mouth at all?

Not everyone feels the same way about vaping oils. It also happens that you mistakenly believe that the e-cigarette is tasteless, because you have no impression of the first sensation of the e-cigarette itself. In addition to the difference in taste, a successfully modulated e-cigarette should also have a rich and sweet overall taste.

Dry mouth during use.

This is normal because glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), the main components of vaping oil, are highly absorbent, just drink more water.

Burnt smell.

The amount of vape oil is too small and needs to be added Required
atomization core replacement
New drops of vape oil need to be shaken properly to keep the oil guide cotton completely wet, otherwise it will have a burnt taste.

Why did the electronic cigarette leak overnight?

This depends on many factors. Please contact our service department for details.

Can the coil be cleaned with water?

This is not recommended. Because cleaning the coil does not extend its life.

Do I need to replace the coil if I want to try other flavors?

It is recommended to replace the coil and enjoy a clean smell. Otherwise, old ginned cotton contains old juice, which affects the taste.

Why does the taste change after multiple refills?

Because the spool head in the cartridge has a limited life. After repeated use, the cotton and heating material inside the bobbin head will become ineffective and even cause dry strikes. If you notice the odor disappearing as a result, this usually means the cartridge is nearing the end of its life.

Why does the vape light not light up and smoke emit?

The battery is not charged. Please use the supplied charger to charge the battery. Do not charge more than 4 hours at a time, otherwise the battery may be damaged.